One of the big stories on Friday was that Twitter had settled with La Russa over his trademark lawsuit.  This was surprising news considering lots of blogs had carried the inital story and the consensus was that La Russa had no basis for his suit.  Thankfully there is another update.  Twitter is reporting that they did not settle with La Russa and that the AP story is untrue.

La Russa said Friday that Twitter has agreed to pay legal fees and make a donation to his Animal Rescue Foundation.

As opposed to:

Reports this week that Twitter has settled a law suit and officially agreed to pay legal fees for an impersonation complaint that was taken care of by our support staff in accordance with our Terms are erroneous. Twitter has not settled, nor do we plan to settle or pay.

It is good to see that Twitter did not establish dangerous precedent by giving credence to the claims made by La Russa and his attorneys. Conversely it is sad to see that the AP and/or La Russa misreported the facts.

Makes me wonder who is going to want to pay for AP content